We are more than a housing agency.
We advise and support our clients with any issues
related to real estate, investment, business and relocation
to the island, such as legal, financial, insurance, tax, and other issues.

Real estate selection

We only work with high-quality real property items on the primary and secondary markets. Before an item enters the tefi.es base, it is carefully audited. The company’s personal manager, who has extensive experience, is present throughout the search for and acquisition of property. He helps you to find a suitable flat or house, obtain the N.I.E. tax number and open bank accounts. During negotiations with the seller, he can also negotiate a price reduction.

Deal support

The Tefi Canarias in-house attorney carefully checks the documents before the notary; an interpreter will help you to translate documents and communicate with locals; an accountant will consult on tax issues and will help you to fill out and submit tax reports; a bank coordinator will help you to get a mortgage under the most favorable terms. Our services in the amount from 1 to 5% are included in the cost of the property and are paid by the seller.

Accommodation and transport

If you plan to come to the island to check and buy real estate, we’ll arrange the meeting, free airport transfer and apartment/villa/5* hotel accommodation at a price lower than that offered by Booking.com or AirBnb. You can rent many properties represented in the Tefi base and then, if you like it, you can buy it. Please contact our personal manager to find out more about this offer. New automatic transmission cars for rent are always available for our clients. Find these in the tefi.es catalogue using the tag “Free Tour”. Air travel and a 5 star hotel for two, for a week, are already included in the price of these objects.


The Tefi concierge is always available and happy to help. He organizes the holiday program on the island – island tours, visits to the water park and zoo, boat and yacht tours, helicopter tours and visits to nearby islands. The concierge can recommend or book tables in the best restaurants, book tickets and hotels, arrange taxis, help you to get invitations to private parties, organize shopping in the south and the capital (Santa Cruz) accompanied by a stylist, organise a photo session, organize deliveries of pizza/sushi/water/local farm products/high-quality meat from Argentina and seafood deliveries from Kamchatka, manage parties for you and your kids, recommend furniture and household stores and many other things. One call, and the concierge will manage your holiday on the island and solve common problems, whether they are related to the Internet connection, alarm installations, arranging a doctor’s appointment, calling a massage therapist, a designer or a flower arranger. The personal concierge service is absolutely free for our clients and is available upon your arrival in Tenerife.

Moving to the island

After closing the housing purchase transaction, we stay in touch with our clients. We help you to move to Tenerife, to obtain a residence permit or student visa for all family members, to import a car duty-free to the island or buy one here, to obtain health/property/car insurance, to establish or purchase a ready-made business and to enter kindergarten, school or university. We also help you to find lessons with experienced teachers, to study Spanish, to bring cargo, furniture and other property to the Canary Islands, and we help you to execute water and electricity contracts registered in your name, and with many other issues inevitably faced by our clients following real estate purchase. With Tefi, moving to Tenerife is not a struggle, it is a pleasure. Our company’s staff features an experienced civil and criminal lawyer, as well as a qualified accountant ('un gestor'). Our clients’ legal and financial interests are reliably protected not only during the course of the property search and purchase, but also in the future.

Property Maintenance

If necessary, and if the client requests it, we are engaged in the management and maintenance of the acquired property, obtaining a VV license for short-term rental housing, working with tenants, building, renovating, gardening, cleaning the apartment and controlling bill payments. Our team only includes reliable experts of the highest level. We select experienced domestic staff in Tenerife, such as a personal chef, a driver, a security guard, a nanny, a governess, a tutor, a housekeeper, a gardener, and more.


In cooperation with the government authorities of the Canary Islands and local municipal powers, the Tefi company acts as an agent, a consultant and, if necessary, a manager of average and large investment projects implemented on Tenerife. We have many years of experience working on the island, solid business contacts with the representatives of big businesses and administrations, and an impeccable reputation allows us to support our clients' investment transactions in the areas of hotel, residential and commercial property construction, travel industry, large-scale infrastructure projects, production, and international trade.

ZEC Economic Zone

Among our significant competencies is registration and business support in the special economic zone of the Canary Islands - ZEC. Legal entities registered with ZEC receive significant tax benefits relative to ordinary Spanish and European companies. ZEC profit tax is only 4% and ZEC companies do not pay VAT when trading and providing services to other companies from the ZEC zone. They also do not pay VAT when importing goods and services to the Canary Islands.

Sales of ready-made businesses

As a professional agent, Tefi helps to find, audit and purchase ready-made businesses on Tenerife. Our portfolio includes both small and medium-sized enterprises (such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, travel companies, stores, boutiques, beauty shops, among others) and big businesses (such as hotels, shopping centers, manufacturing enterprises, telecommunication and construction companies, car rental, distribution networks, among others).

Our team

The Tefi team is at your service through all stages of the search,
acquisition and further maintenance of real estate.

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