We work in the south of the island – from Palm Mar and Los Cristianos to Los Gigantes. The unique natural climate that Tenerife is so famous for only exists in these parts of the island.

We value our customers’ time, therefore we only show you properties which are worthy of attention. In the southern part of the island, there is a very small selection of housing which is suitable for comfortable living. We carefully check the legal purity and quality of the properties that enter our database before offering them to customers.

During the search and acquisition of property, a Tefi personal manager with extensive experience is located nearby. They will help you to find your dream home or apartment, get the tax identification number (N.I.E.), open a bank account, and negotiate with sellers to reduce prices. Our lawyer carefully checks the documents before the notary. Our translator will help you to translate documents and communicate with local residents. Our accountant will advise you on tax issues and help you to fill out and file tax returns. Our bank specialist will help you to obtain a mortgage under the most favorable terms.

Make our acquaintaince with an online chat, a call, a letter or a cup of coffee or tea in the office. We are located in the very center of Costa Adeje. We will listen attentively to your wishes for a future apartment or house, talk about the pros and cons of living in various areas in the south of the island, answer any and all questions about life in Spain, and offer suitable real estate options.

If you are only planning on visiting the island, we will arrange a meeting and transfer from the airport, accommodation in an apartment, villa or hotel at prices which are lower than those offered by Booking.com or AirBnb. For our customers, new cars with automatic transmission are always available for hire. Our concierge organizes the holiday program on the island, including sightseeing tours, visits to the water park and zoo, boat trips on a boat or yacht, helicopter tours and visits to neighboring islands. The concierge will recommend and book tables in the best restaurants, help you to get invitations to the best parties, organize shopping in the south and the capital of Santa Cruz, and much more. Together with Tefi, the search and selection of real estate in Tenerife is a holiday, and a real pleasure. 

Only here:

a seven-day tour in Tenerife (including air travel and a 5 star hotel) for two people is included in the price of LUX category facilities. Book a property to buy through our website and fly to the island to check it out and formalise the transaction for free using this deal.

Tefi is more than an agency.

Our mission is to make moving to the island simple and convenient.

After completing the transaction for purchasing housing, we always stay in touch with our customers. We help you to move to the island, apply for residence permits or student visas, import cars to the island duty-free, apply for insurance, enter your children in kindergarten or school, open or buy a business and learn Spanish, alongside helping with many other issues that our customers inevitably encounter on the island.

If necessary, and if the client requests it, we can help with the management and maintenance of the acquired property, obtaining a VV license for rental housing, working with tenants, renovating, gardening, cleaning and controlling bill payments. Our team consists only of experienced experts who work at the highest level. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions and we are always happy to help.

Have a nice day!

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